Summer Message by Rev. Robb W. Shoaf and Pastor Schuyler Berdan

So five guys sitting on the steps of Archer Hall. They had just finished working around the church as part of their ongoing pledge as Boy Scouts.  Yes, they are still smiling, always easier when the job is done.  They finished weeding around Archer Hall as we worked together to get ready for the Fall.  Other scouts came that day and a group on Sunday afternoon as well.


So, how did they get there?  Well, their parents.  Many drop them off, many stay and help.  Yes, none of those guys walked, someone brought them.  Well, who got in touch with the parents?  Well, the scout leaders…they too tend to come and work alongside.  See, there are more than five guys sitting there.  They are surrounded by others who have shown them the way.  I would like to see where these guys are 10, 20 years from now. 


So, you pull weeds one day and life is set?!  Well, perhaps.  It is often not the great big events in life but the small ones along the way that shape us and it is people who often do the shaping.  The heavy rain overnight doesn’t move the rock but it is split by the tender shoot of an oak that keeps growing over the months and years.  Little things have shaped us, let us remember that enough of those little things over time shape lives.  We know because it has happened to us.


Join us on Sunday morning….10:30 am. 


By the way, feel free to pull weeds anytime!


Grace and Peace, Robb


"It's Time to Fall"

The wind is getting a little crisper, the leaves begin to turn colors and fall off of the trees. We begin to wrap up our year. As the days get shorter and shorter, and pumpkin spice seems to dip into everything we smell, eat, drink or wash our hands with, we are reminded of how even the earth sheds its skin, as the trees become bare, in order to regenerate in the spring. Life itself is a giant circle, every moment is so precious. We celebrate the ones we love, and we do our best to make a difference while we are here. But we also fail at it too. Too many times I have heard of someone who I thought was completely fine, turn out to be anything but. The best case I can think of is Robin Williams. I wasn’t worried about him, because he was someone who lit up every screen he was on, brought so much joy to the world, and was almost always photographed smiling. However, behind that smile was a need, a need in his life that manifested itself in depression. I just read about the death of Pastor Jarrid Wilson, who took his own life leaving behind a loving wife, and children. Not only was Jarrid a Pastor, but also an advocate of mental health.


The world has changed, and so as a society, we have changed too. We have isolated ourselves in one way or another, whether its just our immediate family or maybe we isolate ourselves from everyone, there isone person we can’t hide from, and that is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who calls upon us to be in relationship with him, more than just Sunday mornings. Now more than ever, it is so important for us to be a little more vulnerable. To create, (and more importantly maintain,) relationships. It wasn’t something we had to worry about as much in years past, but this is becoming imperative. Our phones attached to our hands, and with the internet being able to be connected to the world at a moments’ notice, believe it or not, can make you feel totally alone. I know what you’re thinking, Why such a negative piece? Well, friends, I share with you that Autumn is my favorite season. I am so excited for all of the things that start up from now, until winter, it rushes by. We can get wrapped up in being busy very easily, but we can also think of someone in our lives who may not have as much going on. I urge you during this fall season, to think of those; and more importantly, reach out to the people in our extended family. Set time aside for personal prayer. Let’s not worry about what society thinks, and lets be a little more vulnerable in our lives and our relationship with Christ. Know that it is okay to not be okay, and that life does hand us the times where our trees are bare, but know that your spring awakening is coming. Don’t let a dreary season in your life keep you from looking forward with hope and excitement for the next season.

Pastor Schuyler

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UPDATED: November 1, 2019

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