Over the years and today I continue to find meaning and hope for the world in God’s love for us.  We find it in the gift of life itself, our daily living and the mysterious revelation in Jesus Christ.  The wonder of ministry for me is evident in the great works of mission carried out within and outside the church and my passion continues to be finding ways of connecting with  people, groups, and institutions within and outside the community of faith. 


Throughout the centuries humanity has  hungered for what is beautiful, what is true, and what is good.  We as United Methodist continue that quest with Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors.  After all, this quest is one we all share!  


Let’s get to know one another. 


Grace and Peace,


Rev. Robb W. Shoaf  PhD




  • We affirm the central truths of the historic Christian faith.

  • We believe that God is working to restore a fallen creation.

  • We believe that it is God’s will for us to be fully integrated persons – mind, body, soul, and spirit.

  • We value the dignity of all human beings, regardless of differences, because the image of God is in all people.

  • We believe that God is revealed in the person of Jesus Christ and that the church, through the Holy Spirit, represents God’s continuing presence in the world today.

  • We believe that all of life is sacred, and that we are to live our lives with a sense of hope, gratitude, and praise.


“I invite you to come and see how these beliefs are lived out in a community that seeks to follow in the way of Jesus.”
- Pastor Robb